Abu Dhabi with LOVE!


To know about Arabic culture you need to visit Abu Dhabi, once in your life.

Beige color, sand, desert, sun, shisha, kahwa, dates, bakhoor, kandura & abaya, are the key elements of the city. Abu Dhabi is the most cultural and rich city in UAE. Don’t think that if you will come to Abu Dhabi you will stuck in the desert with camels looking for the tent.

Being the capital of UAE, you can find yourself in real cosmopolitan hub full of skyscrapers, traffic, shopping malls, cool coffee shops, clubs with everyday ladies night.

There are also nice beaches around town, Corniche, Al Bateen, and must visit Saadyat and Yas Beach.

Abu Dhabi is on a T-shaped island, but looming in all directions but north lies the desert. The best way to go is on a ‘safari’ tour where you can expect to see camel farms, go ‘sand skiing’ down dunes, have an Arabic barbecue.

Emirates Palace is an incredible place, where cash injections are endless, have been created, providing a setting for some of the world’s most famous fashion events.

 Abu Dhabi has a number of small yet beautiful islands just off of its coast. Yas island is the most famous, where there is Yas Marina F1 Grand Prix Circuit.

Religion and royalty are sacred within Abu Dhabi. One of the most significant mosques in the Muslim world can be found in the city: the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. 

The UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi is so much more than what many believe it to be. With a history that stretches for thousands of years, while the modern world will continue to engulf the city, its culture will still remain within the hearts and souls of its people. Ensha’Allah!





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