Princesse Grace De Monaco Ivory Colour Fountain Pen

“Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Grace Kelly was a role model to millions. Her celestial beauty, stunning elegance and calm demeanour defined the 1950s and illustrated the covers of magazines all over the world. She had a signature style that embraced her films and private life. She was one of the foremost talents of her generation. Providing for new talent was a defining principle throughout her lifetime. She encouraged many emerging artists, from different creative disciplines, to pursue their career ambitions.

The Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco fountain pen is gorgeously feminine and one of the most exquisite ever crafted. The pen is embellished with a refined petal cut pink topaz, a tribute to the Grace de Monaco pink rose, created in 1956 on the occasion of Grace Kelly’s marriage to Rainer III, Prince of Monaco.

The ivory precious resin is combined with platinum-plated fittings, making this pen stand out immediately. The cap and barrel rings are finely engraved with a rhombus pattern inspired by the Principality of Monaco coat of arms. The cone is enriched with a mother-of-pearl cabochon.

The pen has an 18 karat gold nib with a hole in heart-shape. The pen uses ink cartridges.


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