“If music be the food of love, play on!”



Once upon a time there was “Sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll”, right now it’s more like “Sex, drugs and Artpop”!

Or Artflop?

Maybe Lady Gaga forgot what made miss Germanotta “the real thing” in pop: the connection with “the real people”, the fact that in her songs everyone could see him/herself and in ArtPop you cannot find yourself looking at the mirror, listening to her album. 
I miss Born This Way, personally.

And maybe (maybe!) 25 million dollars to promote Artpop are a little bit too much… even for Lady Gaga, right now.

Above all… Lady Gaga is always Lady Gaga, without any doubt.


Filed under ladygaga artpop artflop gypsy sex drugs germanotta25million

Written by Mara Maionchi de no atri

la Mitica sola ed unica

Chiara Colasanti

chicmermaids press office





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