Dolce Vita Gallery

The pleasure of life can always be found here.

There is something about Rome that you can sense but can never completely grasp: it is the mixture of the sacred and profane, of sweetness and eroticism, of classical beauty and ostentatious fashion, that magnifies it, makes it unique and mysterious. Rome is not just the city of emperors and the popes-since the late 50s and early 60’s Rome has offered the world a way of looking at life that is still unrivaled. It is La Dolce Vita, in which everything is Special, from food to clothing, from technical skills to creativity, and especially it is the ability to see the beauty and joy in any situation. It was a time when great photographers told the city’s secret. Dolce Vita Gallery is the only place in Rome where we celebrate this style with the charm of the photos of one of the greatest Italian photojournalists, Marcello Geppetti.
One visit to Dolce Vita Gallery and you will never see Rome the same way again.



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