Shopping by night in TAIPEI


The Taipei Tonghua Night Market is a busy nightly market located a short walking distance from Taipei 101. Tonghua Street is lined with many stalls serving up almost any kind of Taipei night market cuisine. There are a few intersecting alleys that are also lined with clothing and food stalls. This market has a more local Taipei feel and you won’t find as many tourists here compared to Raohe and Shilin. It’s worth a visit.

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“Madame & Monsieur”

“Madame & Monsieur” is a shortmovie, writtend and directed by Eleonora Albrecht, that will be shoot during September 2014 in Italy.

 The cast is composed by actors Barbara Bouchet, Andrea Roncato, Flavio Parenti and Eleonora Albrecht.

 The production company is Raya Visual Art.

 We’re in pre-production at the moment.


It ‘s almost the sunset, we’re on a deserted beach.
Our protagonists, a woman and a man about 65 years old, Madame and Monsieur, are sitting on a towel in front of the sea. Madame is very cheerful and tries to convey his happiness to Monsieur, who seems bored and much more interested in his newspaper than to her. Madame, in a pinch, and the other travels in the memories … We see them at the age of 18-20 years, their first kiss during the summer holidays; to 25, who make peace after a fight and have fun in the water; 30, married, and still dressed in bridal gowns, they run happily on the sand; 35, at dawn after a night of fun. Madame Let’s review today, the sea, which continues to call Monsieur, to join him in the water, while bathing and having fun alone. Monsieur did not even look at her, his only interest is in the newspaper. Then Madame leaves the water and comes up to him, hug him for it … but something happens …

Chic Mermaids by Carla Donara

Barbara Bouchet, Eleonora Albrecht, Andrea Roncato and Flavio Parenti wear, in the scenes of the short film, some sunglasses and bathing suits custom made for the story, from the Italian brand CHICMERMAIDS by carla donara. 

Abu Dhabi public Beach!!


It is the first public beach on Saadiyat with multiple facilities and activities designed to suit trendy beachgoers and sun-lounging guests.

Saadiyat Public Beach enjoys a prime location on the island, situated next door to the luxurious Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, and in close proximity to the island’s St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort and the top-class sport and leisure facilities – the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, and the world’s first Monte-Carlo Beach Club outside of Monaco, the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat.

BAKE, a beach-specialised operator, manages the 400-metre beach stretch, with on-duty lifeguards to ensure visitors’ safety.


  • 400-metre beach stretch
  • On-duty lifeguards
  • Changing rooms, lockers, showers and bathrooms
  • Towels, umbrellas, sundeck chairs and benches for rental
  • A food and beverage facility to open in Q2 2013
  • A retail outlet selling beachwear, accessories and sports equipment to open in Q3 2013
  • Future outdoor activities offered to visitors will include windsurfing, sailing, and snorkeling.
  • Parking spaces for more than 200 cars
  • Areas on the beach can be booked for special events such as birthday parties and corporate events.

Operations and Admission Fees:

  • Open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Basic entrance fee of AED 25 per adult and AED 15 per child over six years old. An annual membership fee of AED 500 per adult and AED 1,000 per family.
  • Daily access fee inclusive of sun-lounging facilities is AED 50 per Adult/Child on weekdays and AED 75 on weekends. A six-month membership fee is AED 1,500 and an annual membership fee is AED 2,500.
  • Annual members – starting from AED 2,500 per person and AED 5,000 per family – enjoy additional benefits such as, 15% discount on food and beverages, seven complimentary guest day passes per year and much more.


Cara Delevingne will be featured in the fall Fendi campaign


Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house whose specialties include fur, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces, accessories and furniture. It was launched in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, as a fur and leather shop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome; but today is a multinational luxury goods brand owned by LVMH. Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director.

Fendi’s Double F logo comes from “Fun Fur” named by Karl Lagerfeld.

Fendi’s signature yellow color came from its first luggage collection launched in 1933.

In 2014, Fendi started making plans to use drones to show its catwalk fashions.

Fendi invested more than 2 million euros (approximately $2.7 million) to help restore the Trevi Fountain in Rome designed by Nicola Salvi in 18th century.

Fur is Fendi, Fendi is Fur: Fendi is synonym of “Haute Fourrure”. Fendi the only fashion house having its own fur atelier.

Fendi is famous for its capacity to adopt innovative techniques to make fur lighter, modern and more fun Fendi’s four major lines of full fur include High Fur (Sable, Chinchilla, Bobcat), Atelier (unlined mink with sophisticated craftsmanship), Icons (Travel mink, Pequin, Evening mink) and Novelties (Fox, Beaver, Persian Lamb,…)


1. One side of the boutique can be transformed to the VIP Room

2. Hot stamping machine


1. Home/Hotel delivery for VIP Customers

2. PomPom for VIP customers

3. Initials stamp for Toujour bag collection or any bag which has a Tag. Takes 20min for stamping any initials in Eng.

4. Made to order Selleria bags (customer can choose between samples of different leather)


Baquette (1997) produced in over 1000 version with different colors and prints

Selleria (all handmade bags of different types) The bag was named Selleria meaning saddlery in Italian because inside the very start, the Fendi artisans used identical crafting methods as exquisite when they made saddles for upper class clients

Peekaboo (2009). For the opening of new boutique in NY, Fendi created 10 Peekaboo bags inspired by 10 British most famous women: Gwyneth Paltrow – Cara Delevingne – Adele – Jerry Hall – Georgia-May Jagger – Tracey Emin – Zaha Hadid – Naomie Harris – Tanya Ling – Kate Adie

5. “Bag Bugs” collection is still available in the boutique


1. KL Pom Pom 6850AED

2. Bags started from 3200AED Baquette – 9900AED/ Peekaboo – 12010AED / Selleria – 9540AED/ 2 jour 2012 – 8290AED/ 3 jour 2014 – 10000AED

4. RTW – shoes – from 1550AED, scarfs – 1200, clothes – from 6000AED