“Madame & Monsieur”

“Madame & Monsieur” is a shortmovie, writtend and directed by Eleonora Albrecht, that will be shoot during September 2014 in Italy.

 The cast is composed by actors Barbara Bouchet, Andrea Roncato, Flavio Parenti and Eleonora Albrecht.

 The production company is Raya Visual Art.

 We’re in pre-production at the moment.


It ‘s almost the sunset, we’re on a deserted beach.
Our protagonists, a woman and a man about 65 years old, Madame and Monsieur, are sitting on a towel in front of the sea. Madame is very cheerful and tries to convey his happiness to Monsieur, who seems bored and much more interested in his newspaper than to her. Madame, in a pinch, and the other travels in the memories … We see them at the age of 18-20 years, their first kiss during the summer holidays; to 25, who make peace after a fight and have fun in the water; 30, married, and still dressed in bridal gowns, they run happily on the sand; 35, at dawn after a night of fun. Madame Let’s review today, the sea, which continues to call Monsieur, to join him in the water, while bathing and having fun alone. Monsieur did not even look at her, his only interest is in the newspaper. Then Madame leaves the water and comes up to him, hug him for it … but something happens …

Chic Mermaids by Carla Donara

Barbara Bouchet, Eleonora Albrecht, Andrea Roncato and Flavio Parenti wear, in the scenes of the short film, some sunglasses and bathing suits custom made for the story, from the Italian brand CHICMERMAIDS by carla donara. 


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