XMAS is coming SOON

Dopo mesi, o forse anni, di silenzio rieccomi alle prese con il mio BLOG!!!

dico io…ma questo si può chiamare Blog o no!

Devo ancora capirlo… e quasi sicuramente ci metterò un LUSTRO, avete voglia e tempo di aspettarmi… vedremo

questo mio silenzio mi è servito per crescere, migliorarmi, sbagliare tanto, imparare ad andare avanti, ad ascoltare gli altri… e cosi via…. anche se non sono tanto sicura di aver imparato la lezione, vedremo…

Oggi è un giorno molto triste per me, è morta FRANCA SOZZANI, il mio IDOLO, la numero uno della moda italiana!! Ci mancherai CARA!!! R.I.P.


la bici e la vita… hanno lo stesso principio… devi continuare a pedalare per stare in EQUILIBRIO!!!


“l’estate sta finendo” (summer is ending), as in an unforgettable ’80s song by Righiera… but undaunted, we set out on our bicycles in search of the last rays of sun in Genova, Liguria. As soon as we arrive in Principe Square, we head for a historic pastry shop, one of the oldest in Italy: Profumo. Since 1827, the Villa family has been handing, down the fundamentals of pastry-making and classical candied almonds. Try the berry tart, glacee strawberries and typical Pandolce Antica Genova. With a hefty dose of sugar in our bellies, we’r ready for our day of discovery in Genoa. One of the first stops in this marvellous city is the Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello. Located on the Castello hill, it’s among the oldest Christian places of worship in Genoa, as well as one of the city’s most intact and picturesque examples of Romanesque architecture. The Rolli Palaces are also worth a visit. During the historic Republic, the so-called Rolli were lists of palaces and excellent dwellings of noble families, who competed in housing important visitors of state through a public drawing. These spectacular, fascinating palaces are not to be missed.

Now is lunchtime, and a chance to sample some of the area’s many specialities: pesto, focaccia, stracchino, cheese and farinata are just few of the delicacies. I can’t resist farinata. So we go to Sa’ Pesta, which means “ground salt” in Genovese.

In the late afternoon, watching the sunset over the sea, pedalling along the Anita Garibaldi promenade in Nervi.

As evening falls, decide where to dine, two of the finest basics of Genoese Cuisine, at Baldin or La bitta nella pergola. Until our next cycling trip!!!

foto_genova_012_la_lanterna      foto_genova_015_pantheon      foto_genova_017_centro_storico